Apr 28, 2022

Where to publish your photos

A number of platforms are available to photographers that allow them to share their work with the world. The question...
Mar 08, 2022

Camera types you should know

Camera Types you should know In this article, we will discuss the most common camera types that you can consider while...

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What is white balance?

What is white balance?

Whether you are a professional photographer or do it as a hobby, you would have come across subjects that appear yellow when shot indoors, or bluish when you use a flash. Ever wonder why that happens? Well, inappropriate white balance settings are the culprit. But...

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Focus Modes Explained

Focus Modes Explained

A Sneak Peek Into Camera Focus Modes For Budding Photographers Whether you’ve just stepped into professional photography or simply want to improve your photography skills, understanding focus modes is vital. While a complete understanding of camera focus modes can...

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